Torrebos gives advise on the professionalization and optimization of investment policies

  • defining a policy in line with the client's objectives of asset allocation
  • advise in the development of a well-founded investment philosophy

Torrebos advises and helps to set out an investment strategy

  • based on study, knowledge and input from external service providers like independent asset managers
  • with a global and long-term focus
  • independent

Torrebos supports with the analysis and selection of investment managers and other financial service providers

  • analysis of existing investment portfolios with specific focus on the asset allocation and the analysis of the asset manager
  • access to a select network of investment managers
  • analysis based on quantitative and qualitative procedures

Torrebos coordinates the implementation and follow-up of the investment policy and strategy

  • proactive analysis and follow-up
  • acting as a soundboard to make adjustments in times of change
  • verifying the implementation of existing agreements